First Timers

Getting ready to take your first class?
Congratulations & welcome to our community!

No reservations are required so just show up. First-timers can attend any of the classes on our schedule.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Have a Great Class:

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you’re well-hydrated before coming to class.
  2. Arrive 15 – 20 minutes early for your first class. This gives us time for registration and orientation. Arriving early ensures a stress-free and relaxed beginning
  3. Instructions are given precisely to all you need to do throughout class. Listen to it and be patient with yourself. You will develop an understanding of the postures over time and as long as you are following the steps you will enjoy the benefits of the practice!
  4. Dress in cool, comfortable clothes. You will be sweating and it’s better to let the skin breathe.
  5. If you feel dizzy, nauseated, or lightheaded take a break and have a seat, and as your body acclimates and detoxes, these sensations will disappear.
  6. Take your second class within 24 hours. If you experience muscle soreness for your first class, you will feel much better taking your second class. As soon as you start stretching you will feel the relief as your muscles start to relax.
  7. Make up your mind to take 10 classes as quickly as possible. Then no one has to tell you how good this yoga is for you. Your own personal experience will guide you.
  8. If you have a yoga mat, bring it, along with a large bath towel, and drinking water.  Mat are $2 for rent and towel rentals are $3 each.
  9. Remember, everyone had their very first class, even the people on the front row who have been coming for years. They make it look easy because they persevered, and you can too.

You are ready! Come to class as quickly as you can. The sooner you start the better! We look forward to meeting you soon!