Our Teachers

Pachi Shanaberger

Pachi is our studio director who has a great passion for the practice. In 2001, she found Bikram Yoga and never stopped practicing and teaching. She has learned more about how to effectively help students with developing and unfolding their practice. Her journey as a teacher and student never ends. She is passionate about the technique and is excited about her students’ progress.


Adriana Montano-Jordan

Meet Adriana Montano Jordan! Adriana was invested in dancing and gymnastics, her love of dance and movement can be reflected in her practice and her teaching style. She started her yoga journey 2 years ago.  She received her inspiration from Elizabeth Hoffman (Urban Bliss). Yoga was a game-changer for her so she decided to become a practitioner.  She completed her training with Urban Bliss yoga school and her goal is to share her passion because it has been a gift to her.


Isabela Padua

An artist at heart, Isabela has ventured into many types of work since she moved from Brazil to the U.S. in 2002.  She began practicing Yoga in 2004 and in March 2019 she attended a teacher training led by Pachi Shanaberger and Elizabeth Hoffmann.   With excitement, she started teaching and managing Prana Hot Yoga + Bodywork full time. She believes yoga is in full alignment with who she is at heart and is passionate about sharing it!


John Elliott

John’s yoga journey began in 2001 to heal old discomforting injuries. He was in search of a more physical holistic approach to build strength and avoid surgery. John connected with Bikram yoga, finding the series beneficial for building a strong healthy body and mind and in fall of 203 completed his teacher’s certification.  His personal story inspired him to teach, as he knew first hand the healing power of a consistent dedicated daily yoga practice. John’s passion for the practice grows as he observes and guides his students through their own experience, bearing witness to constant progress and evolution. Today, John is pain-free and believes “the yoga just works”.  Now a world-traveling instructor, John’s knowledge, humor, and contagious enthusiasm will make you crave his class, as he always leaves you challenged and wanting more.

Penelope Torres


Ben Shanaberger



Jody Maier Piazza



Pauline Peterla



Alec Medeiros